A pioneer of ESG indexing, S&P Dow Jones Indices remains a leader today, combining rigorous company analysis, robust methodologies, and cutting-edge modelling to deliver state-of-the-art indices for a wide range of ESG benchmarking and investment applications.

Our solutions range from core ESG and low-carbon climate approaches to thematic and fixed income strategies.

Why ESG?

ESG considerations—from the impact of climate change and carbon emissions to equality and human rights—are creating unpriced risks in financial markets. A global transition is now underway to finance a more resilient, sustainable global economy, which may bring with it significant growth opportunities. A growing body of evidence also indicates that a company’s dedication to ESG could be an important driver of risk management and returns.

More and more investors around the world are taking an interest in the opportunities and risks, and integrating ESG into their strategies.

The S&P ESG Indices:
Defining the Sustainable Core

The S&P 500 ESG Index, S&P MidCap 400 ESG Index, and S&P SmallCap 600 ESG Index select companies based on S&P DJI ESG Scores, a robust dataset that accounts for industry-specific, financially material ESG opportunities and risks. The indices are designed to maintain broad benchmark-like industry exposure while increasing exposure to ESG characteristics, and exclude companies with activities in key negative ESG areas.

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S&P PACTTM: Introducing S&P Paris-Aligned and Climate Transition Indices

These innovative indices track the performance of eligible equity securities, selected and weighted to be collectively compatible with a 1.5ºC global warming climate scenario, in addition to several other climate-themed objectives.

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Introducing the S&P Sustainability Screened Indices

The S&P Sustainability Screened Indices give investors the opportunity to access broad market exposure through the S&P 500®, S&P MidCap 400®, S&P SmallCap 600® with sustainability screens applied. The indices screen out companies with involvement in controversial business activities, regardless of how the screening might impact sector or industry composition.

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Solutions for Every Objective

We offer indices that are suitable to a range of applications, span global markets, and cater to a variety of risk/return and ESG performance expectations.

Research & Insights

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    How and why are investors implementing ESG at the core?

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    Explore how our powerful new data set is redefining the ESG toolkit.

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    Explore how the launch of futures on the S&P 500 ESG index has expanded the ESG toolkit for market participants.

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    How core ESG approaches and Corporate Sustainability Analysis data can be used to meet client goals without sacrificing returns.

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Staying at the Forefront

To account for growing and evolving interest in responsible investing, we continue to push the boundaries with diverse and sophisticated benchmarks. From indices that screen for high-risk industries to those that track best-in-class companies, we are shaping the future of sustainable investing.

S&P DJI ESG Indices Milestones

ESG Masterclass

Accessing the Expanding S&P 500 ESG Index Ecosystem

The S&P 500 ESG Index has redefined mainstream access to ESG, providing global investors with new tools designed to help them align objectives with their ESG values. Explore how this expanding ESG ecosystem is defining the sustainable core with S&P DJI’s Mona Naqvi, Horizon Investments’ Scott Ladner, Axio Financial’s Peter Horacek, and Sage Advisory’s Bob Smith.

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Data Sourced from Industry Leaders

Our indices are backed by ESG data and analytics from world-renowned providers.


SAM, part of S&P Global, provides the data that powers the globally recognized Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, S&P 500 ESG Index, and others in the S&P ESG Index Series. Each year, SAM conducts the Corporate Sustainability Assessment, an ESG analysis of over 7,300 companies. The CSA has produced one of the world’s most comprehensive databases of financially material sustainability information, and serves as the basis for the scores that govern S&P DJI ESG indices.

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S&P Trucost Limited is a leader in carbon and environmental risk analysis, informing the decisions of both investors and corporations. The company was acquired by S&P Global in 2016, following a long partnership developing ESG indices aimed at reducing risk and informing sustainable capital allocation. Trucost continues to research, standardize, and validate environmental performance data including carbon and other pollution impacts, water dependency, land use, and waste disposal. Their data includes complete environmental performance profiles for over 15,000 companies, representing 99% of global market capitalization.

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GRESB is a leader in evaluating ESG characteristics of real estate companies, providing standardized and validated ESG data to increase capital market transparency. The GRESB framework benefits from a decade of industry input from leading institutional investors, real estate companies, REITs, academic advisors, and capital providers spanning the globe. With a governance structure that assures a by-industry, for-industry approach, GRESB is able to elevate global ESG best practices in the real asset sector. Benchmarking core corporate attributes alongside ESG performance metrics provides investors with insights not previously available.

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