Products tied to S&P DJI benchmarks have long been at the forefront of the fixed-indexed, variable, and structured annuity markets, as well as the indexed universal and variable life markets. The S&P 500® alone backs 90% of index-linked AUM in the FIA and IUL space.

The S&P DJI Difference

  • Broad Market Coverage

    We cover every major asset class and segment our broad benchmarks to enable consistent tracking across countries, regions, sectors, and size categories.

  • Wide Recognition & Trust

    S&P DJI is a recognized and trusted leader in measuring the markets for well over a century and offering clients targeted solutions to meet their goals.

  • Independence & Transparency

    All policies, procedures, and index methodologies are readily available on our public website.

  • Reliability

    Our processes and procedures ensure continuous uninterrupted availability of benchmarks throughout the trading day.

  • Client Engagement

    We tailor client outreach, thought leadership, and education efforts to keep investors up to date with the latest index innovations and investment solutions based on their specific needs.

Featured Indices

Featured Research & Insights

  • Variable Annuities with Risk Control

    Learn how portfolios that include risk-controlled products compare to a traditional stock/bond mix.

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  • InsuranceTalks: Participating and Protecting Using Dividends

    Learn more about what considerations are top of mind for insurance carriers when bringing new index-based products to market.

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  • How Can Flex Options Mitigate Risk?

    Learn more about flex options and how insurers could use them to hedge annuity risk.

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  • How Target Outcome Indices Work

    Indexing is democratizing access to defined outcomes, providing a simple, transparent, index-based blueprint for target outcome strategies that can be applied to both active and passive vehicles.

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  • S&P Economic Cycle Factor Rotator Index

    Look inside a dynamic factor rotation strategy designed to time factors in different phases of the business cycle.

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More Resources for Insurance Professionals

  • Directory of FIA and IUL Products

    Find a list of insurance products based on our indices.

  • Core Building Blocks

    Find out how the S&P 500, S&P MidCap 400, and S&P SmallCap 600 can power your portfolio’s core.

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  • SPIVA®

    Find out how active managers are performing against their benchmarks around the world.

  • Index Returns

    View monthly performance returns for select indices.

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  • Indexology Blog®

    Industry thought leaders offer insights on trending topics in indexing.

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