I need data, insights and analysis for the commodity markets

Temos várias ferramentas para ajudar na análise das influências globais dos preços de commodity sobre as mudanças no fornecimento local. A abordagem de análise de mercado lhe permite atuar de forma abrangente e obter visão integrada dos mercados.

Global coverage, Integrated insights

Platts Analytics provides clarity into changes in commodity supply and demand flows, infrastructure, policy, and more. With a global team of analysts that look across the supply chain of the energy and commodity complex, we are here to help understand the complex interdependencies that affect price movements.

Gain confidence in your data by examining what's behind the numbers

With Platts Analytics, you can examine the data and assumptions behind the analysis that you're using.

When you can explore the "why" behind the analysis, you'll have the depth you need to more quickly identify market opportunities, eliminate blind spots, and boost your conviction in your decisions.

See forecasts covering many time horizons and scenarios

Everyone has something to say about how the energy landscape is changing. But with Platts Analytics, you can get specific about how emerging trends and key events will affect your business.

With the comprehensive coverage across time-horizons available from Platts you'll understand key drivers of long-term trajectories, including technologies and policies that are affecting the energy transition.

✓ Intraday and as-events dictate coverage via Spotlight
✓ Short-term forecasts and analysis
✓ Medium-term and investment forecast
✓ Long-term strategic outlooks (view brochure)

Integrated data underpins our innovative market analysis

Emerging technologies and analytics techniques keep changing under your feet.

Through embracing new analytical approaches from Platts Analytics, you can access innovations that will help place you at the forefront of trend analysis, enabling you to develop fresh insights and a more comprehensive view of the commodity markets.

Agile coverage to keep you ahead of the competition

Because Platts is constantly innovating and producing new reports, you can factor those emerging capabilities into your analysis faster and with less effort than you could on your own.

When you're using analysis that continues to evolve, you can keep pace with how the commodity landscape continues to evolve.

A rich history of commodity market analysis

Whether you're examining the global influences on commodity price or granular shifts in local supply, Platts analytics has the vast coverage and essential range of capabilities to help. By merging analytics acquisitions into S&P Global Commodity Insights and leveraging a long history of price reporting methodologies and data, we're uniquely positioned to support your analysis of the energy and commodities markets, across the supply chain and geographies.

Essential resources & insight just for customers

It's challenging keeping up with volatile markets, but we're committed to helping our customers make the most of S&P Global Commodity Insights analytics services. That's why we want to ensure you're armed with the analysis you need to capitalize on opportunities.

  • ✓ Customer only webinars

  • ✓ Monthly newsletter with insights from our Director of analytics

  • ✓ Client only seminars hosted in North America, Europe, and Asia

  • ✓ Unfettered access to the analysts that write our reports

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